I am currently reading Humility: The forgotten virtue by Wayne Mack. It is clear, convicting, and encouraging. I highly recommend it.

Here are a few points and quotes from chapter 1:

How do we know humility is tremendously important?
1. The Bible frequently commands us to be humble
2. The Bible frequently warns us to rid ourselves of pride and warns of its serious consequences
3. God promises to bless those who are humble in heart

“While a humble person may not experience blessing as this world defines blessing, God promises that the humble in heart with know His blessing.”

“Apart from the grace of God in our lives, we all naturally tend to ignore God and exalt ourselves.”

“Ultimately, as we grow in humility, we are becoming more and more like our Lord Jesus Christ, and that is a great privilege!”

Mr. Mack does a great job of explaining how a prideful person focuses on himself, while a humble person focuses on God and others. I have been challenged to consider what my focus is. I feel the natural tug in my heart to look at myself, my desires, and my actions. I tend to exalt myself, whether through words to others and even more in thoughts only known to me. I’m sobered as I’m reminded how God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.

Lord, help us all to cast of our self-focus and pride. Enable us to humbly exalt you and serve others. Equip us in the battle against our naturally prideful hearts, and help us to choose to be humble. Remind us that this is the way to life, joy, and peace.

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