I recently became aware of a mistake in the opening story of chapter 7, which is the story of Jeff Matovic and the remarkable medical procedure that helped him overcome the Tourette Syndrome he suffered from for most of his life.

Below is the letter I sent to Jeff and Debra Matovic on June 24th. It expresses my respect for them, my regret for referring to their marriage as “on the rocks,” and the plan to change the wording in future printings.


Dear Jeff and Debra,

I first saw your story on Good Morning America, and I was deeply moved. I am so glad that the DBS surgery was successful and you can now do the many things so many of us take for granted.

Debra, thank you for taking the time to call me this week and sharing your concerns about the wording used in describing Jeff’s story and your marriage in chapter 7 of my book. It took great courage to call, and I am deeply grateful. Thank you as well for clarifying that your marriage has always been strong.

Although I do not know you personally, I respect you both for the way you have endured significant trials. Please know that I in no way intended to harm you or your reputation. I apologize for referring to your marriage as “on the rocks”, and I am truly sorry that this phrase was included in the story.

P&R Publishing has agreed to change the wording in future printings. I also plan to post a comment on my website, and I plan to provide a link to your future book when it is available on

I trust that as people read future copies of your book and mine, they will look to you both as heroes who have endured physical trials, promoted the needs of those with Tourette Syndrome, and demonstrated great love and commitment to each other.


Karl Graustein

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