Heavenly Care

Psalm 68:19 says, “Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation.”

Every day we have a new set of challenges, obligations, and work to complete, and more often than not we face more than we can accomplish before the day is over. We need the help of others, but more than anything else, we need God to bear us up as the psalmist describes.

We have a sovereign Lord who controls all. We have an omniscient Father who knows everything. We have an omnipotent God who is all powerful. And he knows and loves us personally, ready and able to care for us in our daily burdens.

He gives us peace as we see the mounting tasks ahead. He gives us joy despite the hard work we face and the challenges we encounter. He gives us strength and perseverance to complete all that we can. He surrounds us with people who will encourage and support us – our parents, godly friends, pastors, and teachers.

We need to form a mindset and a heart attitude that looks to God for our strength while we are faithful to work hard and do our part. We need to lean on his understanding instead of our own. We need to trust his ways and seek to follow them.

I believe this mindset and heart attitude is most reflected (or not reflected) in our prayer life. Do you regularly pray, looking to God for help? Do you lift up your daily needs and commitments to him? Do you start your day with a declaration of your need for the Holy Spirit to be at work in your heart and life? Do you praise God for daily bearing your burdens?

Let’s commit today to look up to our Lord who provides heavenly care for his sons and daughters. And let’s praise him for daily bearing us up.

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