Why Obey?

Do you obey the authority in your life – your parents, teachers, coaches, pastors? What percent of the time – 75%, 90%, 95%?

Okay, now for the hard question: Why do you obey? Pause and consider the thinking behind your obedience, your reason you comply, your motivation to do what is right.

Some individuals obey their parents to make sure they get their weekly allowance. Others are motivated to keep some of the “toys” they have – cell phone, video games, car. Some want to avoid discipline, such as being grounded, not being able to go out with friends, or limited television privileges. Others want to be praised and seek public recognition for their public obedience. Some truly want to honor their parents and please the Lord.

As you can see the motives of our hearts can vary greatly when it comes to obedience. In fact, our motives are at best mixed – both good and bad.

If your parents are involved in your life, they probably faithfully discipline you when you do wrong. As a result, avoidance of discipline can be a primary motivator for many of us. But, remember that some day you will move out of you house, be on your own, and no longer be under the direct oversight of your parents. What will motivate you do then?

We need to be motivated by a deep desire to please God. This is the mindset and attitude that will equip us for life. We will never move out of God’s domain. We will always be under his authority and rule.

We need a healthy dose of the fear of the Lord. Knowing his character and ways, we need to respect his holiness, power, and rule. Remembering he is always present and just, will shape our decisions. Knowing he calls us to be holy because he is holy will inspire us to obey his Word. Understanding his commands and the love behind each of his commands will encourage us to trust his way as we obey.

Why do you obey? At the least I hope you are thinking more about this subject. Talk it over with a godly friend or with your parents. What would they say motivates you?

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