Seeking Wise Counsel

Who do you go to when you need advice? What do you do when you need direction in your life?

In I Kings 12, Rehoboam had just become king after Solomon’s death. The people came to him and asked that he lighten the heavy workload that Solomon had demanded of them. Rehoboam took three days to consider their request. He sought advice from some of the old men and some of the young men. The older men encouraged him to lighten the load and win the favor of the people, but the younger men urged him to not give in but instead increase the burden and decisively exercise his authority. Rehoboam followed the advice of the younger men, the people quickly rebelled, and the nation of Israel split into two kingdoms.

This is a sad story in the history of Israel, yet we can learn from Rehoboam’s mistake.

We all face challenges in life, dilemmas where we do not know what is best. Our friends invite us to go see a movie, and we have to decide if we should go. We find ourselves attracted to a girl at school, and we consider what the best way to proceed. We hear of a new and popular band, and we need to determine if we should download their first album. We are in our last year of high school, and we must decide what college we should attend.

What do you do when you face a difficult decision? Do you rush into the decision? Do you take time and think about it? Do you pray or go to God’s Word? Do you listen to your friends’ perspectives? Do you seek advice from godly, mature individuals around you? Do you ask your parents for their counsel? Do you talk with your pastor and get his guidance?

Each of us needs some trusted, mature, wise Christians to go to for advice. We need help, and we need the perspective of someone who fears the Lord, cares for us, and has lived more of life than we have.

Consider today your practice in making decisions. Commit to seek wise counsel, and experience the grace of God in your life.

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