Can fear be good? Yes, fear of poisonous snakes, fear of getting hit by a moving truck, fear of getting burned in a fire can save you a lot of pain and even your life.

Can fear be bad? Yes, fear can totally control us and hold us in its grip (fear of getting cancer, fear of failure, fear of making a mistake in front of a crowd, etc…).

Can fear be holy? Yes, the fear of the Lord is a totally different type of fear. It is a reverent awe of our amazing Heavenly Father.

In 2009 my pastor at St. Simons Community Church lead a Sunday morning sermon series called Breaking Free. I highly recommend each message. He identified three different types of fear: Healthy, Hostage, and Holy. The goal of the series was to break free of hostage fears (fear of man, fear of failure, fear over finances, fear of the future) and cultivate a holy fear of God.

What hostage fears do you have? How can you grow in holy fear?

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