Marks of True Belief in Christ #6

Continuing from J.C. Ryle’s Old Paths,

He that believes on Christ has an inward testimony of his belief. It is written, that ‘he that believes on the Son of God, has the witness in himself.’ (I John 5:10)…I cannot shrink from declaring my own firm persuasion that a true believer always has inward feelings peculiar to himself – feelings which are inseparably connected with his faith, and flow from it – feelings of which unbelievers know nothing at all. He ‘has the Spirit of adoption,’ by which he regards God as a reconciled Father, and looks up to Him without fear. (Romans 8:15) He has the testimony of his conscience, sprinkled with Christ’s blood, that weak as he is, rests on Christ. He has hope, joy, fear, sorrow, comfort, expectations, of which he knew nothing before he believed. He has pocket evidences which the world cannot understand, but which are better to him than all the books of evidence in existence.”

Do you have an inward testimony of genuine faith in Jesus? Deep down within you do you know you are saved?

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