People of the Cross by Selah

Yesterday my pastor preached from John 15:18-6:4 where Jesus explains that Christians will face persecution from the world and God will provide the Holy Spirit to help us.

At the close of the service we were introduced to the song "People of the Cross" by Selah. It is dedicated to the 21 Egyptians who were killed in Libya in February. It is powerful!

"Jesus said 'If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.' John 15:20 (ESV) So many Christians have given their lives for their faith in Jesus. So many more will. Let's stand with them and pray that they stand strong as they glorify God through their suffering. We are The People Of The Cross. Open Doors USA" (Todd Smith of Selah)

I encourage you to watch their official video for People of the Cross and pray for the persecuted Church worldwide.

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