Devotion to God

In Growing Your Faith, Jerry Bridges writes, “Devotion to God is not an activity; it is an attitude toward God. God is the focal point of the godly person’s life. He or she seeks to practice the presence of God, to enjoy fellowship with God, to do all things to the glory of God, and to see God’s name hallowed or honored on earth as it is in heaven.” (p 131)

We do not do devotion to God; we have devotion to God. It is a quality within us, an attitude of our heart, a bent deep down within us.

What does it mean to be devoted to God? Bridges sums this up as God being “the focal point” or a person’s life. This means God is at the center of a person’s life, the most important thing. He is on our minds, on our lips, and in our actions.

Is God the focal point of your life? Do you understand your need for him in the tasks at hand and the decisions you need to make? Do you comprehend your need for direction from his Word? Do you think frequently about God? Do you speak of him? Do you consider his perspective on the simple and complex situations in your life? Do you have a healthy fear of him?

As you consider this topic, please understand that we can always grow in developing a more God-ward mindset. Due to our natural sinful nature, no one is perfectly devoted to God. But we can grow in this area. In fact, this is part of growing in our Christian faith.

Consider today your heart. How can you grow in your devotion to God?

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