Evidence of Salvation

In his book titled Assurance, J.C. Ryle discusses the ways we can identify if a person is genuinely saved.

He asks, "How are you to know whether you have the Holy Spirit? What are the evidences by which a man may discern of the grace of the Holy Spirit in his heart?"

He then gives the following five answers:

Where the Holy Ghost is, there will be...
1. Deep conviction of sin, and true repentance
2. Lively faith in Jesus Christ as the only Savior
3. Holiness of life and conversation
4. The habit of earnest private prayer
5. Love and reverence for God's Word

Our salvation is the most important issue of our lives. Our eternal destination is a stake.

I bring these items to your attention and ask that you examine the fruit of your life today to determine if you are genuinely saved. Probe your heart, look at the evidence in your life, ask others what they see, and determine if you are truly saved.

If you are not, today may be the day God is drawing you to himself. Acknowledge your need for a Savior. Repent of your sin and place your faith in the saving work of Jesus Christ. Believe in him.

If you are saved, take time to praise and thank God for his work in your heart. This truly is a miracle from your Heavenly Father, and he is worthy of your adoration.

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