Praise for Salvation

In I Timothy 1, Paul urges Timothy to stand strong against false teachings in the Ephesian church and lead in accordance with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul cannot hold back his praise and adoration of God for the precious gift of salvation, and in verse 17 he burst out praises, “To the King of ages, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.”

Paul is keenly aware of his past life apart from a true knowledge of Jesus Christ. He remembers being humbled and transformed on the road to Damascus. He knows his fierce persecution of the church. He pictures where he would be apart from salvation. He knows his past and present sin. A02340202.3.nd he deeply appreciates his saving Lord.

I am inspired and challenged by Paul’s example. Do I understand my natural and pervasive sinful nature? Do I truly value God’s freeing me from the rule and power of sin in my life? Do I treasure my Savior and my salvation? At times I do, but often I take these for granted.

What about you? Join me today in praying for more gratefulness for salvation? Let’s pray that God would help us to understand the depths of our sin and the amazing salvation we enjoy.

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