Happiness – Joy

In Practical Religion J.C. Ryle addresses the topic of happiness. He warns, “You might as well try to make an elephant happy by feeding him with a grain of sand a day, as try to satisfy the heart of your’s with rank, riches, learning, idleness, or pleasure.”

We look for joy, excitement, and lasting satisfaction in so many ways. We seek a high rank, power, and prestige; we seek riches, money, and wealth; we seek knowledge, education, and degrees; we seek free time, hobbies, and leisure; we seek pleasure, excitement, and euphoria. But none of these yields true joy, lasting happiness, and soul-satisfying pleasure. These pursuits are as futile as “feeding an elephant with a grain of sand a day.”

True joy doesn’t come from things here in this world. It comes as a result of the Spirit’s work in us. Joy is a fruit of the Spirit and results in our souls being satisfied in Christ and reflecting that in life. Then we can even consider it pure joy when we face trials. We can be happy in Christ even when all is not well in our lives.

How do you seek to find joy? Where do you go to find lasting happiness?

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