Finish Strong

At my school we have 12 days left in the year. We are so close to the end…yet we have so much to complete in the final days.

The NBA playoffs are in full swing, and so many of the games are coming down to the final few possessions. The winners of the final few minutes seem to be the winners of the game.

The NHL playoffs seem about the same. Many games extend into overtime, with the final goal determining the winner.

The end matters! Yes, it does matter how we start and how we labor over the course of the school year. But, it is vital that we end well.

Finish strong! Don’t just coast out these final weeks. Seek to excel to the glory of God. Do your best on your last few projects and papers. Study hard for your final exams. Encourage your friends to do the same.

Stay in God’s word. God to Him for strength as you labor. Lift up your requests and needs to Him in prayer.

Finish strong!

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