Marks of True Belief in Christ #1

In Old Paths J.C. Ryle outlines seven marks of true belief in Jesus Christ. He seeks to describe key indicators of genuine faith in Christ. Let’s look at #1.

“He that believes in Christ has inward peace and hope. It is written, ‘Being justified by faith, we have peace with God, through our Lord Jesus Christ.’ (Romans 5:1) ‘We which have believed do enter into rest.’ (Hebrews 4:3) The believer’s sins are pardoned, and his iniquities taken away. His conscience is no longer burdened with the load of unpardoned [sin]. He is reconciled to God, and is one of His friends. He can look forward to death, judgment, and eternity without fear. The sting of death is taken away. When the great [judgment] of the last day is held, and the books are opened, there will be nothing laid to his charge. When eternity begins, he is provided for. He has a hope laid up in heaven, and a city which cannot be moved. He may not be fully sensible of all these privileges. His sense and view of them may vary greatly at different times, and be often obscured by doubts and fears. Like a child who is yet under age, though heir to a great fortuned, he may not be fully aware of the value of his possessions. But with all his doubts and fears, he has a real, solid, true hope, which will bear examination, and at his best moments he will be able to say, ‘I feel a hope which makes me not ashamed.’ (Romans 5:5)”

Do you experience inward peace and hope?

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