The Biggest Wake Up Call Ever

Have you been one of the many millions of individuals to catch Susan Boyle’s Britain’s Got Talent performance on YouTube?

My wife showed it to me, and I’ve watched the seven minute clip in fascination multiple times. What captivates me? What has stunned so many? Why is this story so compelling?

What was your initial impression in the clips leading up to the song? What were you expecting when Ms. Boyle walked on stage and talked with the judges?

…then she sings….

The second judge to speak, Amanda Holden, says something profound and humble. She said that was “the biggest wake up call ever.” She said it right after referring to the entire audience being against Ms. Boyle and all (including the judges and me) being cynical. But what did she mean?

I was challenged to not judge a person by his or her outward appearance and by first impressions. But I do it all the time…the tall person must be good a basketball, the parents with the screaming child in the restaurant are negligent parents, the man in the sharp suit has it all together…

I quickly look at the external and make conclusions. I even assume I’m right. I think the wake up call is that I am frequently wrong.

What does God look at? How does He judge a person? Scripture says He looks at the heart. He cares about the inside – the thoughts, the motives, and the intentions. This doesn’t mean He ignores the external, but it does mean He starts with the heart and cares most about the true person on the inside. And He always gets it right…no wake up calls.

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