Right and Wrong Views of our Father God

What is God like? How does He act? What are His attributes?

What has been your working understanding of God? How do you naturally think of Him and His interactions with you and others in the course of everyday life?

What does Scripture say? How do your thoughts and Scripture compare?

Recently I came across a good resource by Neil T. Anderson that included a list of lies we can believe about God and the truth that counters each lie.

It reminded me how easy it is to be deceived, even in something as important as our view of God. I was sobered to think of the potential problems that can stem from a wrong understanding of God and His ways, but I was excited as I considered the truths to counter specific wrong beliefs.

Here is a link to a church website that summarized Dr. Andersons points. Take some time to work through the list and look up the Scripture references.

Have you believed any lies? If so, counter the lie, reject and the false belief, and embrace the truth about our Father God. Let your heart be warmed, your mind at peace, and your faith strengthened as you consider the amazing, loving, powerful triune God who adopts us into His family.

To Him be the glory for ever and ever. Amen!

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