Imagine...A Christian Parent Considering the Future

What do you long for your children? When you think of your child's future, what comes to mind? What will he be like? What will she accomplish? Are you exited or afraid? Are you full of faith or worried?

I would love to get your feedback on this video. What thoughts did it bring to your mind? How did it affect you?

Here is the link to the video on YouTube.


Chung-Hae said...

The music was beautiful, and the words were compelling -- It led me in prayer for my children where the text evoked deep longing in my heart, as well as praise to God when the it described a current reality. Thank you, Karl!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. growing up in a Christian home myself I pray the same for my future children.

Fred McKinnon said...

My eyes are wet. All I could think of was two things:

1 - yes, I believe this would be one of my greatest desires ever, to see all four of my children living out those things.

2 - the background musical score was inspiring, peaceful, and moving ... I appreciated it and connected to it deeply. Who is that?