Family Traits

I have a friend who grew up in New York City and loves the Mets. Despite living in Maryland for over 30 years, he is still passionate about the Mets, and he as passed this love on to his sons.

I have a friend who teaches literature, loving Dante, Shakespeare, and Twain. It has been a great joy to watch her inspire her students year after year. Recently her daughter earned a degree in English and is now a teacher too.

My dad works in Christian education. He started a small Christian school years ago and has been working in this field for about 45 years. He passed on to me a love for learning, teaching, and Christian education, and this year is my fourteenth year as a teacher and administrator too.

Our parents influence us. Our family traits tend to rub off on us. The likes and dislikes of our family often shape our desires. The goals and accomplishments of our parents often inspire us to achieve similar feats.

What about being a part of the family of God? What kind of traits are rubbing off on you?

Here are a few to consider:
- Do you love holiness? Do you hate sin?
- Do you pray to your heavenly Father asking for help and lifting up thanksgiving to him?
- Do you go to the Bible for direction and guidance in your life?
- Do you demonstrate love and kindness towards others?
- Do you seek to forsake the sinful values of the world?
- Do you talk about God and the things of God?
- Do you honor and obey authority?

Christianity is a matter of your individual heart, but every member of the family of God should demonstrate similar traits. Take time today to consider your life?

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