A True Christian

In Practical Religion J.C. Ryle states,

“What do I mean when I speak of a true Christian? Do I mean everybody who goes to church or chapel? Do I mean everybody who professes an orthodox creed, and bows his head at the belief? Do I mean everybody who professes to love the Gospel? No: indeed! I mean something very different. All are not Christians who are called Christians. The man I have in view is the Christian in heart and life. He who has been taught by the Spirit really to feel his sins,–he who really rests all his hope on the Lord Jesus Christ, and His atonement,–he who has been born again and really lives a spiritual, holy life,–he whose religion is not a mere Sunday coat, but a mighty constraining principle governing every day of his life,–he is the man I mean, when I speak of a true Christian.”

Take time to consider this quote by answering the following questions:
- Are you a Christian in heart and life?
- Have you been taught by the Holy Spirit to feel conviction for your sins?
- Do you really rest all of your hope in Jesus Christ?
- Have you been born again and really living a spiritual, holy life?
- Is your Christianity guiding you every day of the week?

Choose today to believe in Jesus Christ your Savior and surrender every aspect of your life to Jesus Christ your Lord. Come experience the joyful, fruitful, and satisfying life found in Christ.

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