The Lord, the God of Hosts

II Samuel recounts David’s ascent to the thrown, first in Judah and then all of Israel.

I greatly admire David. He clearly had the Spirit of God in him from the days of defeating Goliath with a sling and a stone. He loved to worship God, he lived with a God-ward mindset, and he turned to God in his need. He expressed both his weaknesses as well as his worship in the many songs recorded in Psalms. He demonstrated godly sorrow and repentance when he sinned.

II Samuel 5:10 states, “And David became greater and greater, for the Lord, the God of hosts, was with him.”

This is a wonderful summary of a great man becoming greater and greater because of the MUCH greater Lord of his life. David prospered – in wealth, in land, in family, in faith – not because of his own wisdom and own strength, but because of the Lord who was with him. The God of hosts guided, protected, and lead David. The all-mighty Lord won battles for him, gave him favor in the eyes of other leaders, and prompted the people of Israel to revere their king.

We may never have the responsibilities and wealth of David, but we too desperately need the Lord, the God of hosts, to be with us. We need strength for the tasks of this day, week, and month. We need discernment in the decisions we will make. We need wisdom as we interact with others. We need perseverance to study hard and complete our school work. We need peace as we think about the future. All of these come from the God of hosts.

Pray that God will be with you today and every day. Ask him to help you with every aspect of your life. Seek to develop a mindset that looks to him and leans on him. And enjoy the Lord, the God of hosts, with you.

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