Our Parents

Parents – God chooses them for us…we do not have a say in the matter. But, we do have a lot of control over our current relationship with our parents. We can do things that can greatly help or harm our relationship with them.

What kind of relationship do you have with your mom and dad? What kind of relationship should a Christian teenager have with his or her parents? Should it be like a coach/athlete, boss/employee, drill sergeant/enlistee, or something quite different? Should we even care?

I believe teenagers need their parents more than any other season of life. It is hard to be a teenager. It is a season of life when we are going through many physical and emotional changes. We are just beginning to learn what it means to function in an adult world. We are beginning to form our own personality, beliefs, and goals. We need a lot of support and counsel from older, wiser, and more mature Christians who know us well. We need our parents!

Yet this is a radical statement in our world today, which says parents are out to get us and stop us from having fun. Break away, form your own identity, and do not let anyone force their values on us. This is a lie – a dangerous lie – that leaves us without the loving wisdom and protection of God’s gifts to us – our parents.

Please consider your relationship with your parents. What can you do to help build a stronger relationship with them? Talk to them, listen to their advice, carefully consider their counsel. Ask them questions, bounce your ideas off of them, embrace the wisdom God has placed in your life through them.

Do not assume the teenage years mean you will have a terrible relationship with your mom and dad. Be a radical Christian and sow into your relationship with your parents. They wont always tell you what you want, but they will tell you what you need to hear.

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Janice Phillips said...

What do you do when your parents do things that makes you completely lose respect for them? I'm not talking about little things, but big stuff: lying, telling people what they want to hear, being manipulative, abandoning the family, etc. I have always struggled with that question and have teenage siblings who struggle with the same thing. What's the right thing to do and more importantly, HOW do you do the right thing?