The Pursuit of Wisdom

We all know wisdom is better than folly. Wisdom is good and folly is bad. We should pursue wisdom and avoid folly. We want to be known as wise, and we definitely do not want to be called a fool.

Yet, it can be hard to define or fully explain wisdom. Let’s start by viewing it as the opposite of folly, which is easier to understand.

A fool speaks without thinking, but a wise person thinks before speaking. A fool acts quickly or reacts rashly, but a wise person is self-controlled and slow to react. A fool talks a lot about himself, but a wise person focuses on others. A fool freely shares her opinions, but a wise person asks questions. A fool fears the opinion of others, but a wise person fears the Lord. A fool thinks only about the moment, but the wise think about the moment and the future. The fool spends money now, but the wise person plans for the future.

Wisdom is more than being smart. You can have great grades in school and not be wise. Wisdom is more than being self-controlled. You can be quiet and calm and not be wise. Wisdom is more than being a certain age. You can be older and not be wise.

To be wise you do need to have a certain level of knowledge and life experiences. You have to have a self-controlled and thoughtful mindset. You need to consider the future and plan for future events.

In many ways, wisdom is the ability to put knowledge into action – taking the knowledge you have and applying it to real life situations.

A wise person knows how to react when someone yells at her. A wise person knows what to say to a depressed friend. A wise person knows when to bite his tongue and not say anything. A wise person knows when to ask for help. A wise person knows the value of education. A wise person knows the importance of saving money. A wise person knows how to safely drive a car.

The book of Proverbs calls us all to pursue wisdom, to treasure it, and to seek it out. It is a great place to start in your personal pursuit of wisdom. Read it, study it, and ask God to help you grow in wisdom. The pursuit of wisdom happens one step at a time, one decision at a time, and one day at a time.

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