Spiritual Goals

What spiritual goals do you have for the coming months and years? Where would you like to be in your love for Jesus Christ and your walk with him? What would you like to accomplish for the Lord in the next decade or beyond?

Have you ever set spiritual goals?

We often have goals in other areas of life. We set academic goals of achieving a specific grade in a class, grade point average in high school, SAT scores, attending a specific college, and achieving a specific degree.

We set athletic goals like exercising a certain number of times a week, playing on a particular team, averaging a specific number of points, playing on a select team, making the varsity team, or competing at the college level.

We set career goals such as landing a particular job, earning a specific salary, attaining a high level management position, and being able to afford a high standard of living.

In just about every aspect of our lives, we tend to set goals. But do we approach spiritual matters and our personal walk with God in the same way?

When it comes to our relationship with Jesus Christ, he is the ultimate target and the object of our love and admiration. Goals are not an end in of themselves, but they do help us to live more and more in a way that brings glory to God. Let’s seek to love him more and live for him more.

Here are some goals to consider:

  • Read the Bible every day, seeking to apply the truths of the Bible to your life
  • Read and study a particular book of the Bible in the next month
  • Get involved in a Bible-preaching, vibrant church
  • Gain a circle of friends who are passionate about Jesus
  • Identify one area of sin and battle it with truths from the Bible, faithful prayer, and accountability from a wise Christian
  • Read a book that will feed your faith
  • Spend regular time in prayer
  • Keep a journal, recording specific truths God reveals to you in your personal times with him

What are your spiritual goals?

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