Tell The Next Generation

While in the desert, God provided manna for the Israelites six mornings a week. God provided their daily bread with this daily miracle.

God instructed Moses to collect some manna to keep for future generations to see how God provided for his people. This was a miracle too. Manna normally only lasted one day. Once a week it lasted two days so the Israelites would not have to gather on the Sabbath. Yet this one container of manna would last into the future. It would be a visual aide as parents told their children, as grandparents told their grandchildren, and generation after generation would remember the faithfulness of God.

How do you mark God's faithfulness in your life? How do you tell your children about the amazing deeds God has done for you? How do you pass down these stories to your students, to the youth in your church, to the next generation.

Place a memorial in a prominent place in your home or your church. Frame a picture that symbolizes God's particular faithfulness. Make a pile of stones as a remembrance.

Tell the story of God's mighty deeds. Share the details of what he has done for you. Write down how he provided for you. Record his deliverance in your life.

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