I want to hear, "Well done!"

When my life is over, I want to hear God the Father say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”

1.  Genuine faith – I am so grateful that Jesus died for me. I place my full faith in the finished work of Jesus. I proclaim he is my Savior and my Lord.

2.  Faithful effort – I strive to be faithful in the time that I have, in the skills I possess, and in the opportunities God provides me. I strive to work hard, persevere, and make the most of every day.

3.  Faithful in the right things – I want God’s priorities to be my priorities. I want to die to self and live for Jesus Christ. I want to be sensitive to the unexpected opportunities and needs that cross my path. I want to serve others and bless those in need.

4.  Learn from mistakes – I realize that even my best efforts will fall short. I will make mistakes. I want to learn from my errors and to see my mistakes as opportunities to improve. I know that God works all for my good, and I desire to be humble and open to input from others.

5.  Words that bless – I want to speak words that build others up, bless others, and encourage others. I want to be joyful, grateful, and positive. I want to listen more than I speak, and focus on others more than I focus on myself.

6.  Steward of the King – I want to live for my Heavenly Father. All of my gifts and talents are from him. I want to represent him well. I want to develop my talents to be more effective for him. I want to be his representative and his tool to accomplish his purposes.

I want to hear, “Well done!”

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