The Prophetess Anna (Luke 2:25-40)

In Luke 2:25-40, Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the temple soon after his birth. There they met two remarkable individuals, Simeon and Anna, who testified of Jesus as Savior of the world.

In commenting about their interaction with Anna, J.C. Ryle made the following points about Anna in his book Expository Thoughts on the Gospels (Luke):

  • Anna was a woman of irreproachable character – The fruit was evident despite experiencing many trials and living so many years as a widow.
  • Anna was a woman of great self-denial – serving God in fasting day and night.
  • Anna was a woman of much prayer – serving God in prayer day and night.
  • Anna was a woman who held communion with other saints – quickly telling others about Jesus.
  • Anna received a rich reward for all her diligence in God’s service – seeing the Messiah before she died.

The account of Anna is brief and only found in the Gospel of Luke, but there is much for us to learn from her life.

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