J.C. Ryle -- A Faith & a Walk of Your Own

“I ask the children of religious parents to mark well what I am saying.  It is the highest privilege to be the child of a godly father and mother, and to be brought up in the midst of many prayers.  It is a blessed thing indeed to be taught the gospel from our earliest infancy, and to hear of sin, and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and holiness, and heaven, from the first moment we can remember anything.  But, oh, take heed that you do not remain barren and unfruitful in the sunshine of all these privileges: beware lest your heart remains hard, impenitent, and worldly, notwithstanding the many advantages you enjoy.  You cannot enter the kingdom of God on the credit of your parents’ religion.  You must eat the bread of life for yourself, and have the witness of the Spirit in your own heart.  You must have repentance of your own, faith of your own, and sanctification of your own.” 

J.C. Ryle, Holiness, Moscow, Idaho: Charles Nolan Publishers, 2001, p. 199.

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