Accomplish Your Dream Today

When I was growing up, I dreamed about being the left fielder for the Boston Red Sox. Okay, it did not happen…at least not yet. I also dreamed about leading my own Christian school, which I have been able to accomplish. I also dreamed about writing my own book, which became a reality in 2005 after about 8 years of hard work.

What do you dream about accomplishing? What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you long to do during your life?

Everyone has a dream. Everyone has an ideal goal. Yet we rarely accomplish our dreams. They seem so far off and so far out of reach that we do not even take the first steps towards the goal. But, each of us can do something today to take a step in the direction of accomplishing our dreams.

If you long to be a full-time musician and record your own album, work hard today on your singing skills and sign up for more advanced instrument lessons. If you long to be a computer scientist, sign up for the STEM program at your school, teach yourself a computer language, and spend strategic time today building your computer skills. If you desire to play Division I basketball, shoot an extra 100 free throws and 100 extra three-pointers today and sign up for the summer basketball camp at your local college. If you hope to be a published author, spend 30 minutes today (and every day) writing, read books about writing, and get feedback on your writing from an author you know.

Dream big and work hard today to accomplish your goal. Great accomplishments only happen with great effort and long-term determination. Do not put off your dream another day. Sit down now and list one thing you can do today, five things you can do this week, and ten things you can do this month to move closer to accomplish your dream. Pray for God's help and get busy today!

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