Faith for the Next Step

Decisions, decisions, decisions…Where should I go to college? What should choose for a major? What should I do for a living? Who should I marry?...Big decisions!

How do we discern God’s will for our lives? How do we know the future and make the absolute best decision possible?

Sometimes we wish God would audibly speak to us and tell us exactly what to do. Sometimes we hope for God to reveal his will in a dream. Sometimes we want to be able to fast forward to the future and then return to the present to live our lives.

But, this is not how life typically works. We have to gather the facts, consider our options, ask for advice, and pray. We have to watch out for blind spots that may cause us to overlook dangers. We need to watch out for wrong assumptions or powerful emotions that may misguide us.

Have you ever been paralyzed by a big decision? Have you ever been overwhelmed with a decision that you could not act? I believe this is because we want to know God’s exact will for us well into the future. But, most of the time this is impossible to figure out, and we freeze.

Instead of focusing on the end, I suggest focusing on the next step. What do I have faith to do as a next step?

If you are junior in high school, you are looking ahead to your senior year and life after high school. You probably have college in your future. Deciding what college to attend is a huge decision, but if you just look for faith for the next step, it is not so bad.

Do you have faith to check out a few colleges online? Do you have faith to tour a few colleges this summer with your family? When you identify your top 2 or 3 colleges, do you have faith to visit on a student preview weekend? Do you have faith to apply to a college?

Before you know it, you have a lot more data, and you are much closer to making your final decision. Instead of knowing God’s will completely all at once, you trust him to guide you as you take each step along the way. It requires daily surrender to God’s will and plan, and it involves taking daily steps of faith.

No, this is not a magic remedy that makes all huge decisions easy. But, it is a dependent mindset that helps us lean on God and not our own understanding, and it helps us exercise faith and build more faith as we trust God all along the way.

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