Longing for Heaven

Yesterday I came down with a cold. My sinuses were packed, my head throbbed, and I had a fever. After pushing through the day, I crashed in bed. I could not stop shivering. I jumped out of bed, put on another layer of clothing, and grabbed a winter hat. I glanced at the temperature reading on the wall, and it said 71 degrees. I should not have been cold, but I was freezing.

Lying in bed, I thought about heaven. I was instantly grateful that there will be no more sickness and no more suffering in heaven. There will be no fevers, runny noses, shivering, or sore throats. There will be no broken bones, diabetes, or cancer in heaven. There will be no blindness, hearing loss, or speech impediments in heaven. 

We live in a fallen and broken world, but Christians are ultimately citizens of heaven. We dwell on earth for about 80 years, and we live forever in heaven.

I cannot wait. Evil, injustice, and hatred will have no part of heaven. Joy, love, and praise will fill the atmosphere of heaven. We will not struggle with sin, and we will not experience sickness. We will live in faithful, complete praise of the Father, and we will have new bodies that are whole and complete.

The last 24 hours I have not felt well at all, but I have thought a lot about heaven.

Do you long for heaven? Do you think about the glories of eternity with the Father?

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