Take Your Mentor Out to Lunch

Do you have a mentor?

Do you know one person that you respect for his/her faith, character, relationships, accomplishments, and priorities?

Is she your teacher, coach, or youth leader? Is he your boss, a member of your church, or a family friend?

Identify one person and take him/her out to lunch. Use the time to learn and grow in wisdom.

Here are some questions to consider asking:
1.       What are some things you wished you knew when you were my age?
2.       How did you end up in the career you have?
3.       Why did you choose your career?
4.       How does your faith affect your daily life?
5.       How do you keep your family a priority?
6.       How do you keep your faith strong?
7.       How have you seen hard work pay off in your life?
8.       How have you learned from mistakes?
9.       What are your main priorities in life?
10.   How do you approach social media?
11.   How do you make hard decisions?
12.   What are some of my strengths?
13.   What are areas I need to improve in?
14.   If you were me, what college would you attend?
15.   Who is another person you think I should take to lunch and get advice from?

I am sure there are thousands of other questions you can ask. The key is gleaning wisdom from this person you so respect. Come up with your own questions, take notes at the meeting, and if you cannot get through the entire list meet again in a couple weeks.

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